Wine: Tedeschi Amarone Classico Marne 180 DOCG

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Country: Italy, Veneto

Tasting Notes: About the name “Marne 180”: marne means marl, the variety of soil on which we’ve planted our vineyards; 180 are the degrees of exposure of our vineyards, from south-west to south-east. Strong ruby red. Clear and transparent. Notes of vanilla and ethereal airs depending on the period of aging in the barrel; notes of sweet fruits such as currants, blueberries, cherries depending on the varieties of grapes. Wine with a velvety, raisiny character combined with the structure and typical stylish bitterness to give it good balance. It has an enduring and persistent flavour.

Varietal: Blend of 35% Corvina, 35% Corvinone, 20% Rondinella, 10% Rossignola, Oseleta, Negrara, Dindarella.

Pairing: Red meat and aged cheeses.

Volume: 750ML

Vintage: 2019