Wine: Allegrini La Poja Veronese IGT

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Country: Italy, Veronese

Tasting Notes: On the top of the hill called La Grola lies a plateau of less than 3 hectares dazzling white in colour, due to its calcareous top soil, and planted exclusively with Corvina since the late 1970s. The premium quality viticultural techniques yield grapes with great personality and maturity. After over 4 years of ageing, the wine is still extraordinarily fresh and crisp with a full spectrum of aromas ranging from fruit to spices and officinal herbs.

Varietal: 100% of Corvina Veronese

Pairing: La Poja makes an ideal accompaniment to roasted red meats and game. It is excellent with aged cheeses, and a perfect match with white or black truffles.

Volume: 750ML

Vintage: 2010