Wine: D’Arenberg The Noble Wrinkled Riesling

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Country: Australia, McLaren Vale

Tasting Notes: Generous and decadent but zesty and fresh at the same time. Ripples of fresh lemon and lime, a whisper of candied ginger and a healthy dollop of honey and barley sugar. The palate is initially sweet and viscous but this opulence is countered by a tangy acidity that flashes through the core of the wine in dart like fashion. The combination of flavour and acidity linger almost eternally. In its youth this wine is crisp and provides versatility when matching to a wide range of desserts. It works particularly well with elements containing fresh tropical fruits. As it ages it will take on a deeper colour and the flavour will develop further into the dried fruit spectrum making it a sensational match to strong cheeses.

Varietal: 100% Riesling (Botrytis)

Pairing: -

Volume: 375ML

Vintage: 2016