Wine: Irvine Grand Merlot

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Country: Australia, Eden Valley

Tasting Notes: As Pinot Noir is the Holy Grail to many Australian winemakers, so the making of a “Grand Merlot” is to James Irvine.

The intriguing plummy depths, full complete racy flavours; balancing tannins and premium oak interaction, with overall complexity and satisfaction of style is how the Irvine 'Grand Merlot' is perceived. More complex wine than usual with tobacco/leather overtones above the plummy bouquet with plenty of vinous herbaceous complexities complemented by the judicious use of new oak and older casks. 

This gentle and concise use of oak allows the fruit to show even more plum and cherry characters while a firmness of palate will serve the wine well as it ages, giving back-bone to draw on. The whole flavour is so lively and complex that palate interest is maximised and so very rewarding.

Deeper tannins have added to the palate, firming the end but still leaving the plum fruitiness in mid-palate. There is a light pepperiness which adds to the overall kaleidoscope of the bouquet. The grandness in all this mostly refers to the completeness of the wine and its ability to express itself in a totally prestigious way.

Varietal: 100% Merlot

Pairing: From a serving view we see the elegance, fruit, and soft dry finish matching many varied styles of cuisine from entrée to dessert.

Volume: 750ML

Vintage: 2010