Wines Wholesales Help Center



How can i place my order?

Do you sell wine crates?

Do you charge any Goods Service Tax (GST)?

I am a tourist making an order. Can you do GST refund?

Do you offer consignment / returnable unconsumed wines?

Can i cancel my order after ordering?

Can we order in advance?

Why can't I order 1 bottle of wine and self collect?

Can we self collect our wines orders?

Can i taste the wines before buying them?

Do i need to register an account to place my order?


Can we spilt the order and delivery to 2 different location?

Can delivery be on weekend or after office hours?

Can you do delivery on Sunday or Public Holidays?

Can you deliver directly to my wedding /event venue?

Where can you deliver the wines to?


How can i make payment for my order?

Can I order now and pay later for my order?

Can i leave my payment at the dry riser or outside my doorsteps upon delivery?


Why are the wines different vintage from the ones i ordered from your website?

Are your wines duty-free or duty-paid?

I cannot find the wines i want on your website.

I tried the wine and it taste sour / spoilt.