Wine: Famille Hugel Schoelhammer Riesling

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Country: France, Alsace

Tasting Notes: Green reflections and highlights, a sparkling, crystalline, lively robe that is youthful and very alert for a ten year old wine of the region with such a very bright future before it. Perfect legs.

Elegantly bewitches the nose with its aroma. The bouquet is complex, fruity, floral and combines perfectly with its magnificent saline minerality. It has a wonderful harmony with just the right amount of the Riesling grape variety’s taught and lively freshness to underline its generosity and vinosity.

It hits the palate with energy, freshness and a perfectly balanced and very classy, taught, juicy and full-bodied acidity in association with a complex, full-flavoured finish and all of the Schoelhammer region’s minerality. It has the beating heart of the greatest Grands Crus D’Alsace.

Varietal: 100% Riesling

Pairing: A fine wine for gastronomic cuisine. Serve with fish: Turbot, Saint Pierre, sole, Zander, pike, lobster, king prawns, crab, white meat, poultry, veal ribs, partridge. Roasted or grilled. With the more refined, creamy sauces or juices. Or just enjoy it in the company of other Riesling lovers.

Volume: 750ML

Vintage: 2010