Questions on Delivery

Question: Can we self collect our wines orders?

Answer: Self collection of wines are only available for 6 bottles and above. Self collection collections at 691B CHOA CHU KANG CRESCENT (S)682691. Any other location will be charged at normal delivery.

Question: Why can't I order 1 bottle of wine and self collect?

Answer: All our wines are stored at storage facilities and there are cost involve in retrieving the wines, hence we have to limit to a minimum of 6 bottles for self collection to be able to continue to offer our best price to our customer.

Question: Can delivery be on weekend or after office hours?

Answer: We offer delivery Monday - Saturday between 2pm to 10pm. However Saturday and after office hours delivery only available for Paypal and Internet Bank Transfer orders.

Question: Can we spilt the order and delivery to 2 different location?

Answer: You can have multiple delivery location but every delivery point must be 30 bottles or $600.00 and above else a $18.00 will be chargeable per location.

Question: Can we order in advance?

Answer: Yes you can. However we only accept orders placed 30 days in advance. All wines qty and prices are not confirm until partial or full payment are received.

Questions on Wines

Question: I cannot find the wines i want on your website.

Answer: We do sourcing for wines not listed on our site. You can use the contact page to send us an enquiry.

Question: Are your wines duty-free or duty-paid?

Answer: We only sells wines duty-paid on our website. And also wines that are duty-free have specially printed labels that states DUTY FREE.

Question: Why are the wines different vintage from the ones i ordered from your website?

Answer: All our wines are Rolling vintages and are not always updated as we have close to 800 labels to monitor. We will replace with a new vintage once the current vintage are no more available. No refund once order are signed and received. If vintage are a considering factor for you. Please email to to confirm before ordering.

Questions on Others

Question: Do you sell wine crates?

Answer: Sorry we do not sell wine crates alone. Some wines do come parked in wooden crate for full case purchase. Do send us an enquiry on the contact page.

Question: Do you charge any Goods Service Tax (GST)?

Answer: We are not GST registered company at the moment. Hence all prices stated on our website are NETT.

Question: Do you offer consignment / returnable unconsumed wines?

Answer: Most companies that offer consignment or returnable unfinished wines have already included some form of admin fee or restocking fee into the price that you pay. To be able to maintain the best price offered, we are unable to accept returns of unconsumed balance wines.

Question: Can i cancel my order after ordering?

Answer: Orders can be cancelled at least 24 hours ahead of the scheduled delivery/Collection by emailing to Please note that all cancellation will incur an administrative charge of 10% of the orders value.

All refunds by credit card and PayPal will incurred a 3.5% fee if customer chooses to cancel part or entire order.