Wine: Angove's Bookmark Reserve Sweet Apera (Sherry)

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Country: South Australia

Tasting Notes: This sweet fortified white has been made in the traditional style, from mainly Palomino and Gordo grape varieties. It was blended from a selection of aged sweet apera base wines and is a fresh, clean wine showing excellent balance. Serves well as an appetiser and as a dessert wine.

As of the end of 2010, Sherry produced here in Australia underwent a name change and become 'Apera'.

Similar to other naming rights change (for example Champagne and Burgundy) agreements signed between Australia and the European Commission, 'Sherry' is now forbidden to be used by producers outside the region's traditional boundaries. Terms like fino, oloroso, amontillado, etc have also begun to disappear from our labels.

Varietal: Blend of Palomino and Gordo

Pairing:  -

Volume: 750ML

Vintage: NV