Wine: Ramos Pinto Porto Quinta Bom Retiro 20 Years Old

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Country: Portugal, Douro

Tasting Notes: A tawny color with a yellow halo that signifies an advanced stage of maturity. This is the genuine color of a 20 year-old cask-aged wine. It has a warm red color with a slight orange tone at the bottom of the glass. A lively aroma with a velvety texture. Fruit aromas: grapefruit, apricot, almond, hazelnut and cocoa bean. Wood aromas: vanilla, old Port wine casks and phenol. Roasted aromas: cinnamon, caramel, coffee. Ethereal aromas: stearin and iodine. Smooth and dry in the mouth, complemented by a rich and generous persistence of flavor. A fine and delicious attack. The elegance of the first contact with the palate is maintained through a complex sequence of ripe and dried fruits and nuts in a fresh and liquorice-like harmony.

Varietal: Port Wine

Pairing: Delicious as an aperitif or following an evening meal. It can also accompany chocolate, cheese and cream based desserts or desserts that are not overly sweet. It goes very well with dry fruit and nuts, nut cakes and swiss rolls.

Volume: 750ML

Vintage: NV