Wine: Ramos Pinto Porto Quinta Bom Retiro 30 Years Old

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Country: Portugal, Douro

Tasting Notes: A magnificent tawny color with orange tones. The bottom of the glass is bright, with traces of tawny-red that develop into a greenish halo characteristic of old cask-aged wines. It has an admirably elegant aroma. At first, it is warm and charming. Aromas of vanilla and dry fruit and nuts immediately appear as the result of its aging process. Upon agitation of the glass, spicy aromas such as cinnamon and cocoa become prominent. Satiny and long-lasting in the mouth. A taste of nuts such as almond and hazelnut is followed by a surprising and pleasant freshness produced by ethereal flavors, culminating with a taste of liquorice.

Varietal: Port Wine

Pairing: Serve at the end of a good meal, with coffee or a good cigar. It can accompany a Bavarian cream dessert with nuts and mango.

Volume: 750ML

Vintage: NV