Wine: Louis Vauzy Laguiole Wine Opener Gift Set - Ebony Wood

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Louis Vauzy

It's Town in Auvergne as France hinterland where LOUIS VAUZY originates.The small town is built in the mountainside, a fertile volcanic area in a harsh climate all year round. It has two parts, a higher and a lower part with the 450-meter-long Durol River in between. The water is free from limestone so that it enjoys the special properties of hardened steel. With such good advantages, producers of family tablewares are everywhere in this town and such business is handed down generation by generation. In 1751, LOUIS VAUZY produced the first batch of sturdy and elegant fixing model of knives. Meanwhile, LOUIS VAUZY tablewares also got popular among street vendors. They travelled and sold the tablewares all around the European area, which made this brand well-known far beyond Theirs Town.


Gift Box Dimension: Approximate 165mm x 35mm x 167mm, Opener size: 125mm

Material: Stainless Steel with Handcraft solid Ebony wood handle

Accessories: Comes with Leather pouch, microfiber cleaning cloth and beautiful gift box