Wine: Gonzalez Byass Solera 1.847

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Country: Spain, Jerez

Tasting Notes: Solera 1847 is a wine where two grape varieties coexist; Palomino fino and P.X. Its duration in Solera process takes 8 years. Solera 1847 shows a dark intense mahogany colour due to the addition of Pedro Ximénez. On the nose aromas of raisins, vanilla, oak and slight hints of hazelnuts. On the palate a delicate wine with a smooth reminder of dates and raisins finishing with touches of caramel and oak and a subtle note of nuts.

Varietal: Blend of Palomino Fino 75%, Pedro Ximénez 25%

Pairing: This wine should be served slightly chilled, 10-12 ºC, in a small wine glass. Ideal as an aperitif with cheese however also as a dessert wine with ice creams, or fruit based desserts and with dried fruits.

Volume: 750ML

Vintage: NV