Wine: San Pellegrino Sparkling Aranciata Organic (200ML x 24 Glass bots)

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Vol x Qty in Carton: 200ML x 24 Glass bottles

Description: Experience the intense taste of Italian oranges with Sanpellegrino Aranciata Organic!

The delicious, authentic taste of Aranciata Organic comes from 100% organic Italian oranges, organic cane sugar and natural orange aroma.

This vibrant orange sparkling drink has a delicate aroma that reminds you of freshly squeezed oranges just picked from the sunny orchards. Take a sip to experience the sweetness of natural orange that is balanced with a pleasurably bitter end note as it leaves your palate. It’s the perfect drink to relax, unwind, and accompany you to orange-tinted bliss.

Aranciata Organic is best served cold at 6-8°C.

Drink it neat, or with the pulp of half a passion fruit and a small pinch of salt, served in a low tumbler to make the most of your organic taste experience.

Ingredients: Water, orange juice from concentrate* (20%), raw cane sugar*, carbon dioxide, orange extract*, acid (citric acid), natural orange flavouring, salt