Wine: Acqua Panna Natural Spring Water (1L x 12 Glass bots)

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Vol x Qty in Carton: 1L x 12 Glass bottles

Discovered in the 15th century, Acqua Panna Natural Spring Water is from the famous Villa Panna on the Hills of Tuscany, in Scarperia Town near Florence. Delightfully light and smooth, these unique characteristics give Acqua Panna the rare ability to subtly cleanse the palate, allowing the flavors of the World’s finest food and wine to emerge fully.

From luxury hotels, the world’s best restaurants to at-home dining, the 33.8 oz/1 L glass bottle format with screw cap is perfect for elegant occasions in good company. Its bright, eye-catching graphics make it a unique example of Italian style that can transform any moment into a special occasion. Purity, freshness and transparency are all contained in a charming still mineral water bottle in 100% recyclable glass.

The smooth taste partner you can rely on, enjoy Acqua Panna and its smoothness alongside your favorite foods.