Wine: Angove's Bookmark Crema Alluovo (Marsala)

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Country: South Australia

Tasting Notes: Brilliant deep chocolate brown. Spicy vanilla, chocolate and coffee notes dominate. These aromas combine as flavours on the palate with the wine finishing with a pleasant sweet caramelised note. The fruit used in the production of Bookmark Marsala All Uovo is sourced from both Angove’s own estates as well as selected local growers in the Riverland region. The base wine used in the production of the Bookmark Marsala All Uovo is a combination of specially selected vintage parcels. Bookmark Marsala All Uovo is produced from a neutral white wine fortified and sweetened to our requirements and blended with a mix of specially selected flavouring components and beaten egg. Further processes are performed to bring the wine to our specifications before filtration and bottling at the Angove’s winery.

Varietal: 100% Marsala

Pairing:  -

Volume: 750ML

Vintage: NV