Wine: Ca'Del Bosco Cuvee Prestige Rose

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Country: Italy, Franciacorta

Tasting Notes: More than a color, pink is like a suspended mood, a delicate transition from white to red in shades never quite one or the other. Franciacorta Rosé gives a magical sensation midpoint between two hues. The rosé color is obtained after brief maceration of red Pinot Nero grapes. Just a few hours are needed to get that special tint recalling springtime sunsets: you must seize the moment, an instant earlier it's too pale, an instant later it's too dark. And then a delicate blending with Chardonnay and slow, patient maturation.

Varietal: Blend of Pinot Nero 80%, Chardonnay 20%.

Pairing: Cuvée Prestige Rosé, the ideal Franciacorta for momentous occasions. Especially the most romantic.

Volume: 750ML

Vintage: NV (Edizione 44)