Wine: Champagne Carbon Rose

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Country: France, Champagne

Tasting Notes: A bright salmon pink ensures that this champagne stands out. The color of this Rosé CARBON is a work of haute couture. A parade of fine pearly bubbles seems to stretch to infinity. Its participants follow one after the other in a long, stylized thread up to the surface. A beautiful, persistent sheath of foam resides at the top of the glass.
The nose is very aromatic, a connoisseur’s delight with a colorful collection of red fruit, a generous bowl of strawberries, raspberries and cherries – and floral notes with hints of violets and lilac. Fresh, fruity flavors emerge on a well-balanced palate that deploys its pink charms with an irresistible persistence.

Varietal: Blend of 50% Chardonnay; 25% Pinot Noir; 25% Pinot Meunier

Pairing: -

Volume: 750ML

Vintage: NV

Bottle wrapped with Pink Carbon Fiber.