Wine: Graham's Six Grapes Porto Old Vine Edition

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Country: Portugal, Douro

Tasting Notes: As would be expected from a wine made from such low yielding vines the Six Grapes Old Vines Port is deep purple in colour. It has complex floral aromas, redolent with rockrose, menthol and anise. The richness and opulent character of the wine is perfectly balanced by its refreshing acidity. It has great structure and concentration, with mineral notes that express the Douro’s schist soils, black plum and liquorice, all complemented by a lingering velvety smooth finish, the result of the ripe, fine grained tannins from these mature vines.

Varietal: Port Wine

Pairing: The Six Grapes Old Vines Port is a perfect wine to pair with desserts such as cheese, dark chocolate or berry fruits. It is also ideally suited to drinking after dinner to fully appreciate its long finish and complexity.

Volume: 750ML

Alcohol: 20% vol (20ºC)

Vintage: NV

Please note keep the bottle stored upright, away from direct light at between 10 and 18° C. This wine is intended for immediate consumption: consume within 24 months of purchase.