Wine: Moss Wood Cabernet Sauvignon

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Country: Margaret River, Western Australia

Tasting Notes: Deep brick red, in bright condition. A complex and powerful combination. The nature of the vintage is
such that the fruit aromas are clear and dominant, showing violets, blueberries and red currants. However, in these types of years the depth of the nose is enhanced by background complex notes like tar, leather and chocolate. The lengthy barrel aging has enhanced these but the actual oak characters are spicy and toasty and don't dominate.

In similar vein to the nose, this shows all the classic Moss Wood features associated with our very finest years. The fruit flavours of red currant and mulberry provide an initial rich, sweet front and mid-palate. The acidity provides good lift and makes the flavours bright. Tannin impact is very evident but not because the wine is firm. Rather, the phenolics are concentrated and build the mouthfeel without affecting the texture, such that the wine is smooth and long. On the finish the oak provides toasty and coffee bean flavours and some tannin for gentle grip.

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Volume: 750ML

Vintage: 2013/2014