Wine: Ornus Dell’Ornellaia Toscana Bianco

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Country: Italy, Bolgheri

Tasting Notes: Ornus Dell’Ornellaia is a late harvest Petit Manseng produced in extremely limited quantities and gives yet another dimension to the Estate. In certain vintages conditions are perfect in the tiny “Palmetta” vineyard for the production of this exclusive dessert wine. The name Ornus Dell’Ornellaia takes its inspiration from ‘Fraxinus Ornus’, the Latin name for the Manna or Flowering Ash (in Italian, Orniello), the tree which has given its name to the Ornellaia. The “Manna Ash” Orniello or ‘Fraxinus Ornus’ is a tree which is typical to the Mediterranean coastal area. Its precious sap has been used since Biblical times as a sweetener and acts as a perfect link to the sweetness of Ornus Dell’Ornellaia.

Ornus dell’Ornellaia is inspired by a passion for our land and by the desire to explore its potential and produce great ageing sweet wines, aided by the mild and especially breezy season typical of Autumn in Bolgheri. Ornus dell’Ornellaia 2014 is an intense golden colour with some hints of bronze. Complex candied orange peel, dried apricot and caramel aromas envelop the sense of smell. The palate is a great balance between the sugars and a ripe and lively acidity with flavours of apricot, sweet tobacco and slightly bitter caramel. A rich wine that is sweet but by no means heavy.

Varietal: 100% Petit Manseng

Pairing: -

Volume: 750ML

Vintage: 2010/2014