Wine: Riedel Decanter Hand-Made Amadeo Luminance (Limited Edition)

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The Amadeo was launched in 2006 to celebrate the 250th anniversary of RIEDEL. Named after fellow Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, whose 250th birthday was also celebrated that year, this hand-blown decanter is shaped like a lyre and pours like a dream. Wine is simply decanted into the vessel’s wider opening and poured into the glass through its slender mouth.

The Luminance Decanter is a symphony of colors, blending four captivating shades of red. It exudes an aura of passion, intensity, and boundless energy, mirroring the vibrancy of life itself and of course the color of wine. Limited Production of 300 Worldwife

Our master glassmakers individually craft each item so every piece has a unique character. Due to the nature of crafting, small tolerances in the size and weight of each product, tiny bubbles, imperfections, or slight surface variations are an acceptable part of the process.

Quantity: Set of 1

Height: 350.0 mm

Volume: 1500.0 ccm

Widest: 205.0 mm

SKU: #6801

Description: Fine crystal hand-made. This decanter is designed to hold a single bottle of wine. Please handwash only. The RIEDEL Bottle Cleaner cannot be used with this product as they can become lodged and unable to be removed.