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In MARGAUX, MACON and MARNE, Maximilian J. RIEDEL now presents new forms which allow for gentle decanting and are therefore perfect for more mature red or young white wines. “The inspiration for these new decanters came from the elaborately finished cognac and whisky bottles, some of them up to 100 years old, which I happened across in one of London’s prestigious fine wine stores. In the design of the Margaux, Macon and Marne decanters, I have reinterpreted these impressions for my wine decanters. They offer a perfect symbiosis of form and function,” says Maximilian J. Riedel by way of explanation of his new creations.

These hand-crafted crystal-glass decanters are both modern and classic at once

The design is a clear bow to the current trend for casual dining, explains Maximilian J. Riedel, designer of these new decanters.

The decanters are hand-blown and hand-crafted from crystal glass in the Riedel factory in Kufstein. They are easy to handle, sit perfectly in the refrigerator door and are dishwasher-safe.

Quantity: Set of 1

Height: 200 mm

Capacity: 1894 ccm

Weight: 668 gr

SKU: #6555

Description: fine crystal hand-made