Wine: Riedel DSG Mixing Rum Set (Set of 4 glasses)

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Presenting the RIEDEL Bar Drink Specific Glassware collection, an innovative series in collaboration with spirits specialist Zane Harris. The new collection answers the need for cocktail-specific glassware with glasses like Neat, Rocks, Double Rocks, Fizz, Highball, Nick & Nora, and Sour, all perfected to cater to thousands of cocktails.

The Mixing Rum Set is part of the Mixing series for those who enjoy creating cocktails at home. Each Set contains cocktail recipes suited to this glass, designed especially for RIEDEL by Meike Zimmerman, an up-and-coming German mixologist.This product is made of clear crystal glass. 

This Set includes a practical and elegant tumbler for your rum creations. Designed by Maximilian J. Riedel, this decorative tumbler mimics a reflective shadow with its linear pattern.

Quantity: Set of 4

Height: 102.00 mm

Capacity: 323.0 ccm

Widest: 82.00 mm

SKU: #6758

Description: fine crystal machine-made