Wine: Riedel DSG Rocks Glass (Set of 2 glasses)

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Presenting the RIEDEL Bar Drink Specific Glassware collection, an innovative series in collaboration with spirits specialist Zane Harris. The new collection answers the need for cocktail-specific glassware with glasses like Neat, Rocks, Double Rocks, Fizz, Highball, Nick & Nora, and Sour, all perfected to cater to thousands of cocktails.

The Rocks Glass is part of the latest revolutionary collection from RIEDEL Bar, named Drink Specific Glassware. This glass is perfect for spirits served on the rocks or mixed cocktails, and is specially sized for large format ice. What's more, its intelligent design shows an exact measure of 60ml / 2oz, for neat and efficient pours.

Quantity: Set of 2

Height: 83.00 mm

Capacity: 283.0 ccm

Widest: 82.00 mm

SKU: #6632

Description: fine crystal machine-made