Wine: Riedel Extreme Junmai (Set of 2 glasses)

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Delve into the authentic world of sake with the RIEDEL Junmai Glass, meticulously crafted to honor the purity and unique characteristics of Junmai sake. "Junmai," meaning "pure rice," represents sake in its most traditional form, made exclusively from water, rice, koji, and yeast. This type of sake, known for its richness and boldness, finds its perfect match in the RIEDEL Junmai Glass.

The RIEDEL Junmai Glass is designed to amplify the distinct profiles of Junmai sake. Whether enjoying an aromatic, full-bodied sake or a more mellow variety, this glass enhances the tasting experience, ensuring every nuance is savored.

This glass is not just a vessel; it's a bridge to a deeper understanding and appreciation of traditional Japanese sake. Embrace the world of Junmai sake with RIEDEL’s expertly crafted Junmai Glass, a must-have for sake enthusiasts and those seeking a true taste of tradition.

The Extreme glasses are named after their extreme contours. The bowls mimic polished diamonds and their wide angles allow plenty of room for the wine to breathe. They are specifically designed to enhance and emphasize the pleasant softness and generally fruity notes of the New World wines.

Quantity: Set of 2

Height: 200 mm

Widest: 113 mm

Capacity: 495 ccm

SKU: #6615

Description: fine crystal machine-made