Wine: Riedel Hand-made Fatto A Mano Gift Set Old World Pinot Noir

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“Fatto a Mano”, meaning hand-made in Italian, is Riedel‘s stunning new introduction for 2017. Hand-made in Tiroler Glashütte, at Riedel‘s headquarters in Austria, this new stemware collection bears the typical attributes of a Riedel product: varietal specific, thin blown, unadorned, and standing tall on slender stems.

With its hand-made stem and base, “Fatto a Mano“ combines the crafts of the past with today‘s technologically-advanced, machine blown techniques. The finished product charms the eye with its hand-crafted feel, colourful aesthetics and varietal specific bowls. The colours of the stems are white, black / pink, yellow, red, green and blue.

The Old World Pinot Noir glass is perfect for light-bodied red wines with high acidity and moderate tannin. This glass highlights the rich fruit-forward chracters and tempers the high acidity of the wine. The tulip-shaped bowl captures all the nuances of the wine's aroma. This pack contains six glasses, each with a different coloured stem for added impact. Finished by hand and dishwasher safe.

Quantity: Set of 6

Set Consists:
1 pcs each colour x White, Mint, Rose, Orange, Turquoise, and Mauve.

Height: 250 mm

Capacity: 705 ccm

SKU: 7900/07-22

Description: fine crystal Hand-made