Wine: Riedel Laudon Tumbler - White (Single Pack)

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This tumbler is perfect for bringing a touch of luxury into your home. Made of the finest crystal glass, these glasses are a must-have for anyone who wants to give their home bar a new shine.

It celebrates the revival of classic design while remaining modern with a distinctive bold white color.Presented in stunning colors like precious gems, the RIEDEL Laudon Tumblers are truly eye-catching. The luxurious cut-crystal design reflects light to allow the tumblers to sparkle. Perfect for whisky, water, cocktails or mixed drinks, these glasses will add style to any table setting and can be purchased individually for a truly unique look.

Quantity: Set of 1

Height: 102.00 mm

Capacity: 295.0 ccm

Widest: 82.00 mm

SKU: #6793

Description: This product is machine-made. Embellished products are not dishwasher safe. The embellished item could be damaged by harsh detergents in the machine. Please only wash these items by hand with a soft cloth. This way, you will enjoy the stylish shine of your favorite products for many years.