Wine: Riedel O Wine Tumbler Gin Set Classic (Set of 4 glasses)

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The Gin glass is the perfect glass for enjoying your favourite gin in style. This glass allows gin lovers to enjoy the full aromatic expression of the gin's botanicals. With its large tulip-shaped bowl, these elegant tumblers are the perfect modern addition to any cocktail lovers’ home.

Take your homemade drinks to the next level with our Mixing, Spirits, Cocktails Sets. Whether it’s an elaborate cocktail, a classic gin and tonic or a neat spirit, we've got the glass for your favourites. Offering a range of styles for every type of cocktail and spirit lover, these fantastic sets are ideal for home or make the perfect gift.

Quantity: Set of 4

Height: 124 mm

Capacity: 762 ccm

SKU: #6630

Description: fine crystal machine-made

Notes: Ice should be placed into the glasses with care. Riedel recommends putting the ice into the glass with a spoon after the glass has been filled with liquid.