Wine: Riedel Ouverture + Gift Decanter set

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Introduced in 1989, RIEDEL‘s elementary entry level series for customers who appreciate good, reasonably priced wine. OUVERTURE is a non varietal specific collection of fine crystal glasses that will increase the owners‘ drinking pleasure of wine, beer and spirits.

Pay for 6 glasses and get 1 RIEDEL Apple NY Decanter free. This set contains 6 pieces Ouverture Magnum and 1 piece RIEDEL Apple NY Decanter. The wine-friendly machine-made red wine glass of the glass collection Ouverture is offered in an attractive value gift pack. Ideal to give as gift or to enjoy yourself. The larg size of the bowl helps to release the aromas of the wine, emphasise fruit and balance tannins.

Quantity: Set of 7 (PAY 6 GET DECANTER)

Set includes:
6 pcs x Ouverture Magnum
1 pcs x Apple NY Decanter

SKU: 5408/35

Description: fine crystal machine-made

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