Wine: Riedel O Wine Tumbler Water H2O (Set of 2 glasses)

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O (2004) is the first varietal specific wine tumbler in history. O is an innovative take on the casual wine glass for total wine enjoyment. O is based on the benchmark shapes of RIEDEL VINUM to enhance the world‘s most important grape varieties. The tumbler, used for centuries as an all-round drinking vessel, is now turned into a sophisticated wine accessory.

The Water tumbler is perfect for complimenting any table setting, from elegant to casual.
Thin yet durable, this design classic provides the finishing touch.This product is made of clear crystal glass.

Quantity: Set of 2

Height: 80 mm

Widest: 80 mm

Capacity: 330 ccm

SKU: #6352

Description: fine crystal machine-made