Wine: Torres Gran Muralles Conca De Barbera DO

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Country: Spain, Conca de Barberà

Tasting Notes: Ancestral vines - This wine takes its name from the walls that protected the monastery at Poblet during the Mercenary Wars. La Conca de Barberà is a southern Catalan region measuring 649 km². The un-mistakeable identity of Grans Muralles is thanks to the stony, slate ground (Licorella) of the region, and the grape varieties used to make it. One century after the phyloxera plague the Torres family have begun to recuperate autoctonous grape varieties believed to be extinct, such as Garró and Samsó, using modern viticultural techniques. Together with red Garnacha, Mazuelo and Monastrell they create the unique spirit of this wine.

Varietal: Blend of Monastrell, Querol, Samsó and mainly Garró

Pairing: -

Volume: 750ML

Vintage: 2017