Wine: Yangarra Estate Shiraz

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Country: Australia, McLaren Vale

Tasting Notes: This wine is all about texture. Right from the start its tannins work the oral receptors beautifully, setting the digestive juices running and triggering the anticipation of food. This stimulation is then rewarded by the juicy fruits, as the flavours of all sorts of dark berries swim about the glass and the sensories, soothing as much as exciting. The meaty blueberry hint is sometimes like prosciutto or other dark charcuterie meats; the figgy base tones provide a solid base flavour, the cleansing natural acidity working with the tannins to draw the finish out to a delicious taper with a long aftertaste where those cherries evident in the bouquet re-emerge, sinuous and more-ish.

Varietal: 100% Shiraz

Pairing: -

Volume: 750ML

Vintage: 2017