Wine: Heirloom Vineyards Adelaide Hills Pinot Noir

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Country: Australia, Adelaide Hills

Tasting Notes: Autumnal purple-red with a bold, clear rim-edge. Lightly-deeply coloured.  Summer berries, fresh herbs - and harder, hardier herbs, too. Wild strawberry and that plant’s foliage; tarragon at summer solstice; fennel fronds at 5am. Forest floors and mushrooms and just - just - the hint of oak’s bouquet. A freshly polished mahogany stalking stick, but for use, not for pretence. Textural tannins start the conversation, and in a way that makes pinot noir proud - and a little martial. Fruit flavours flow then as if by rank: berry ripe, berry ready, berry proud, rhubarb picked, rhubarb stewed, plums fire at will… And this is a drying red wine that allows the sweet and savoury natures of its fruits to play with the more textural elements. A velvety quality eventually emerges with time in the glass, which seems at once welcoming but yet also sounds as a sentimental marker for the wine’s earlier proud sternness.

Varietal: 100% Pinot Noir

Pairing: As such, this red wine wants the following: oils, fats, and richness of foodstuffs. A duck confit? An escabeche quail? Leeks stewed with too much olive oil and garlic would make for a fascinating debate. Alas, too many people, nowadays, want wine to placate, rather than stimulate. Do you measure this wine to yourself, or vice versa?

Volume: 750ML

Vintage: 2022